Providence Elementary School Coding: Game Design - Arcade Action! Fall 2019

3616 Jermantown Rd., Fairfax, VA 22030

Game Design: Arcade Action Fridays, 3:35-4:35 PM, grades 2-6 only, starts on 10/11 and ends on 12/6. No club on 11/29.  Make-up class, if needed, on 12/13. 

Game Design: Arcade Action
Design your own arcade-style games in this fun club. Using Scratch 3 digital tools, create your own racing games, chase games and classic arcade games like pong, tank, and snake! Use the Silver Knights Curriculum to learn how to code and then take your game to the next level with avatars, scores, health points, intros and outros! Game on!.

We do different projects every session, so material doesn’t repeat!   Each child takes home a USB with all their programs on the last day!

To request financial aid, please contact us with student's name, grade, and school.


$176.00 each

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3616 Jermantown Rd.,
Fairfax, VA 22030