Terms & Conditions

The below policies and procedures apply to all purchases made on skenrichment.com.


Club Policies



We think that your child will love our clubs.  If for whatever reason she/he doesn't want to continue in the club, we'll process a refund for the remaining days, minus a $10 administrative fee.  No refunds will given after 50% of the classes have been completed.


Weather Cancellations

Silver Knights will try to make-up clubs missed due to weather, and will always make-up up the first missed club meeting.  If there are multiple meetings missed due to weather we may not be able to make them all up.  If this happens, no refunds will be offered.


Late Registration

If a student signs up after a club has started, Silver Knights will pro-rate the tuition cost and add a late fee equivalent to the cost of attending one additional day.


Late Pick-up

It is expected that parents will pick children up promptly when a club ends.  If a parent is more than fifteen minutes late to pick up their child from a club, they will be billed as follows:

15-30 minutes late: $20

31-45 minutes late: $35

46-60 minutes late: $50

60+ minutes late: $75

If you signed up with a credit card on skenrichment.com, we will automatically charge your credit card.  If you didn’t, we will send you an invoice which you’ll need to pay before the next club meeting in order for your child to continue.  When you register, please make sure that one or both of the phone numbers you leave are cell phone numbers that you'll be able to answer during and after the club meeting.


Tournament Policies

Cancellation Policy
If for any reason your child is unable to participate in a tournament, please email tournaments@silverknightschess.com by noon the Tuesday before the tournament, and we can either process a refund minus a $5 administrative fee or transfer the registration to a future tournament.
From Tuesday until one hour before the tournament starts we can transfer the registration to a future tournament.
One hour before the tournament starts, we will no longer offer credits or refunds of any type.
Weather Cancellations
On rare occasions, we cancel a tournament, generally due to weather.  If this happens we will try to reschedule the tournament to the subsequent weekend.  If your family is unable to attend the rescheduled tournament or if we are unable to reschedule, we'll offer all participants their choice of a full refund or a a credit to a future tournament.

Silver Knights supervises children while they are inside the playing hall and actively playing a tournament game.  The child's parent or guardian is responsible for supervising him/her at all other times, including prior to the first round, after the last round, in between games, and if the child uses the restroom during a tournament game.